The restaurant they purchased in 2008 was called'

"Orangeside Luncheonette" This cozy, little, "mom and pop" shop, not more than a 1000 square feet shop would change the donut game forever.  After three years and countless hours spent building a following, Tony decided to bring back an old trade he picked up before joining the United States Air Force, the art of making "Donuts".  Instead of going with the traditional "Circle cutter" used by every baker, Tony decided to think outside the box or "Square". (Yes that's right, we make SQUARE DONUTS) They were such a hit that they exploded onto the New Haven population! Soon, we were being recognized all over as "The Square Donut guys". Also being recognized by not only The New Haven Advocate, but by The New Haven Register! It didn't stop just there. Two years later the family ended up selling off the Luncheonette on Orange Street, New Haven, CT. This wasn't the end but a new beginning for them.

The Start of the Company

     The Poleshek family have been working together since 2008. Tony, Michelle, Steven, and Matthew have been pouring their hearts and souls in to the dream of one day owning a very successful business's in today's day and age.  It all started when Tony Poleshek left Corporate America to start creating healthy and affordable food to the city of New Haven. He took everything he had, made a leap into the food industry, and the beginning of the families journey to becoming one of the best known Donut Shops in the nation.

Orangside on Temple

The Poleshek family relocated the business about four blocks from the old location in the name of "Orangeside on Temple". It was a enormous eye opener for the family. The place was four times the size, seated about one-hundred and twenty people, and was just fulling renovated. This is where the family would become nationally known! Tony and his best friend/baking partner of thirty plus years, traveled all the way to Canada to star in a TV show called "Donut Showdown". They didn't end up winning but they enjoyed every second and were thankful for the opportunity. As well as, being on "The Food Network", the families donuts were nationally recognized by "Saveur Magazine" as one of the Top Fifty Donut Shops of the country!

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Recently, the family switched names again in honor of all of Tony's achievements, to "Tony's Square Donuts'

The Poleshek's also had the pleasure of being in "The Big E" State Fair and now own a 24-x-8 foot Donut Trailer, that will be used to travel the united States and spread the deliciousness of our wonderful Square creations!  

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